Dorce Inc. Successfully Accomplished 500.000 Working Hours Without Any Accident During the Gabon Housing Project

Dorce Inc.’s 598 Unit Turnkey Housing project in Libreville, Gabon is progressing according to plan and without any problem.

Until now 500.000 working hours without any accident have been accomplished.

Dorce Inc. prevents work accidents by providing work health and safety training equipment and orientation to its employees. Worker health and safety specialists ensure the safe progress by performing periodical control programs and implementation. Dorce Inc. extends this responsibility to all of its employees.

Before the success of 500.000 working hours without accidents in the Gabon project, Dorce Inc. was praised for successfully accomplishing 5.000.000 accident-free working hours in Mauritania for the 8400 person workers camp project, and for 500.000 accident-free working hours in the LSC camp project of Zubair-Iraq.


Dorce Inc. is a Turkish general contractor founded in 1989, having  worldwide experience and providing contracting, supply and construction services to projects needing quality services in remote and distant locations. Moreover, Dorce Inc possesses one of the world’s largest prefabricated steel structure production factory.

Source: Dorce Prefabricated Building and Construction Industry Trade Inc.

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